Bony Packaging LLC is a new generation product manufacturer completely focused on creating biodegradable products, offering the best Packaging Supplies in Sharjah. Our primary duty is to provide an ideal packaging solution to every customer’s requirement and offer them supreme quality eco-friendly products at economical pricing. Our team of experienced personnel with specialized skills created a formula to generate high-quality recyclable packaging products that are economical. The excellence of our customer service is acclaimed due to our ability to provide top-notch products, express delivery, and economical pricing considering the needs of our customers.

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  • To eliminate non-biodegradable products and to reduce carbon footprint in the world.
  • Increase the brand value of our client’s products by providing top-quality packaging product supplies.


  • To provide top-of-the-line packaging products supplies with exceptional customer service.
  • To invest in the latest technology machinery for faster delivery and economical pricing.

Did you know?

Increased use of non-recyclable materials for packaging is degrading the environment due to the improper decomposition of their toxic waste. The need for reducing these toxic wastes has led to the growing penetration of paper in packaging applications for down-gauging the negative impact of packaging on the environment.