A corrugated box is a packaging material made from corrugated paperboard, consisting of a fluted (corrugated) layer sandwiched between two flat layers. This design provides strength, durability, and rigidity, making it widely used in packaging for shipping, storage, protection of goods and food industries.


Corrugated Carton Box

The primary material used in the construction of corrugated
boxes is corrugated cardboard. This consists of three layers – a
wavy inner layer (corrugated medium) sandwiched between
two flat outer layers (linerboard).

Flute Size

Corrugated boxes come in various flute sizes, indicating the thickness and strength of the corrugated medium. Different flute sizes are chosen based on the intended use, providing options for lightweight to heavy-duty packaging.


Customizable Graphics

Depending on the application, corrugated boxes can have a single-wall or double-wall construction. Single-wall boxes are lighter and suitable for less fragile items, while double-wall boxes offer extra strength and protection for heavier or more delicate contents.

Flexographic or Digital Printing

Printing is typically done using flexographic or digital printing methods. Flexographic printing is cost-effective for large quantities, while digital printing offers flexibility for smaller batches and intricate designs.
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Single-Wall or Double-Wall Construction

The exterior of corrugated boxes is often customizable with
high-quality printing. This allows businesses to incorporate
branding, logos, product information, and other graphics,
enhancing the box’s visual appeal.


Die-Cut Options

Corrugated boxes can be designed with die-cut features, allowing for unique shapes, handles, or windows. Die-cutting enhances the box’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing a tailored solution for specific products.

Easy Assembly

The design of corrugated boxes often incorporates features for easy assembly, reducing packaging time and ensuring efficiency in shipping and storage processes.
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Burst Strength and Edge Crush Test (ECT)

Corrugated boxes undergo quality testing for burst strength and ECT, ensuring they meet industry standards for durability and protection. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the contents during transit and handling.



Corrugated cardboard is highly recyclable, contributing to sustainable packaging practices. Many corrugated boxes are made from recycled materials, and they can be recycled again after use.

Eco-Friendly Inks (Optional)

Some manufacturers use eco-friendly inks for printing on corrugated boxes, further minimizing environmental impact


Standard and Custom Sizes

Corrugated boxes are available in a wide range of standard sizes to accommodate diverse products. Additionally, custom sizes can be produced to meet specific packaging requirements, ensuring a snug fit for the contents

Standard Sizes

Length Width Height
Small 22 cm 22 cm 4 cm
Medium 28 cm 28 cm 4 cm
Large 33 cm 33 cm 4 cm

Safeguarding Your Products, Every Step of the Way!

Corrugated boxes are versatile and practical packaging solutions. Their material composition, customizable printing, structural design, and strength make them suitable for a variety of applications, from shipping and storage to retail packaging.